What to Expect

Osteopathic Practitioners do not diagnose or practice medicine.Always consult a physician for any disease concerns prior to exploring osteopathic manual therapies.

What to wear?
Please bring stretchable shorts or yoga tights and a t- shirt or sports bra to change into.


Health history:

You can expect a professional , confident and courteous hands on approach that involves using osteopathic assessment and listening.

A common session would begin with you filling out a health history intake form. This will allow us to discuss your health history, such as previous accidents and/or surgeries.

Many painful symptoms can occur years after the most insignificant injuries, such as a skiing or rollerblading accident can suddenly trigger fatigue or heartburn.I wold like to know as much as possible in order to help “unwind” your condition.Many symptoms are interconnected and as time goes by the body becomes less adaptive to stressors. At some point we lose the ability to adapt and discomfort increases.

In many cases I see every day, a persons headache, heartburn, fatigue, constipation and shoulder pain are indeed all connected. Perhaps this concept is not obvious to the individual, so it’s my job to get the entire health history in order to plan for effective results.Osteopathic care is excellent for uncovering the patterns of pain and symptoms that have built up and persisted overtime.