Osteopathic Care

Osteopathic Practitioners do not diagnose or practice medicine.Always consult a physician for any disease concerns prior to exploring osteopathic manual therapies.

Osteopathic practitioners use hands on techniques designed to alleviate tension and improve circulation and do not attempt to treat disease.

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Osteopathic care has the objective to re-establish proper circulation by resolving tension patterns. All techniques are hands on and are unique to osteopathic training.

Osteopathy as a science is based on the knowledge of interactions between systems and mechanisms that stabilize, produce and ensure the equilibrium of physiology and health.

This includes complaints related to the following.

Sleep related complaints
hormonal related complaints
Lymphatic congestion or swelling related complaints
Pain related complaints
Immune related complaints
Respiratory related complaints
Digestive related complaints
Bowel movement or urinary related complaints
Migraine or concussion related complaints
Ear nose throat related complaints
Fertility related complaints