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The following page is a resource presenting the material in the book I am writing called Under Pressure; Lympho-vascular Terrain and the Dynamics of Health. The book and zoom presentations are devoted to exploring the intricate relationships between the lymphatic system and the circulatory system. Most importantly it uncovers the deeper lymphatic system that is often responsible for many chronic health complaints, tissue degeneration and disease. Each zoom presentation covers different aspects of the lymph-vascular terrain as is covering the entire body in one presentation is not possible due to the complexity of the material. I am in the process of organizing the book into chapters that will be released individually as they are made available. The material is rich with content and it is ideal for health practitioners who crave more insight into the realm of the lymphatics.

Osteopathic practitioners are eligible for continuing education credits for each presentation.

Available Previous Recordings of Zoom Presentations for the Lympho-vascular Terrain Series

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Part 1- Introduction to the Lympho-vascular Terrain

Educational goals: Presenting a three-dimensional view of the lympho-vascular terrain and the existence of a deeper lymphatic system, which is separate and connected to the superficial lymphatics. This will include a general view of the anatomy and physiology associated with all the lymphatic structures, the vascular tree, and the interstitial/connective tissue systems. The inspiration for this exploration comes from Dr Still and his insistence that the artery be always considered as supreme. In this lecture the vascular tree is the central theme used to elucidate the comprehensive lymphatic system that surrounds it throughout the entire body. The lymphatic terrain will be overlayed on top of the vascular tree and studied in the context of recent osteopathic perspectives and historical precedence. Following this lecture participants can better appreciate the possibilities of influencing the function of the lymphatics along with the potential of opening the various detoxification pathways. The course will offer the opportunity to change the context of what is under the practitioner’s hands. 2 hours of CE credits

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Part 2- Introduction to lympho-vascular Terrain Dysfunction and the Dynamics of Health

Educational goals: This lecture will reveal the role of managing the lympho-vascular terrain in order to influence the homeostasic mechanisms by reducing the resistance forces accompanying excessive allostatic load. In addition, there is a focus on the implications of non-injury related general edema and hidden inflammation on the health of the body ecosystem. Topics also include harnessing the connective tissue intelligence and taking into consideration the implications of hidden pressure gradient imbalances working together with tensegrity forces as they organize around the vascular tree. This lecture also explores the health dynamic as it pertains to immune resiliency, chronic health complaints, and lifestyle accumulated dysfunction that are increasingly becoming more pervasive and can be rooted in lympho-vascular terrain dysfunction. The lympho-vascular terrain is where the body’s health dynamics play out in conjunction with the microbiome, structured water phenomena and various mucosal biofilms. 2 hours of CE credits

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Part 3- Introduction to the Cranial and Cervical Lympho-vascular Terrain.

Educational goals: This lecture will present the anatomy and physiology of the cranial and cervical lymphatic terrain. There is also an emphasis on how pressure gradient imbalances and tensegrity issues have a direct impact on the functioning of the lympho-vascular terrain and the PRM of the cranium. Adequate cranial and cervical detoxification requires understanding the vital components of the lympho-vascular terrain such as the glymphatic, mucosal, thyroid, and deeper cervical lymphatic structures that are not often well understood in the context of manual therapy. Exploring the cranial and cervical vascular tree anatomy reveals the nature of the intrinsic biological motions within the cranium as it works to maintain health and proper detoxification. The material covered is useful in that it may help to explain the health dynamics behind the rising incidents of cognitive decline, degenerative mental health issues, and as to why there is often only limited recovery from concussions. Topics also cover the cost of hidden inflammation and blocked detoxification pathways. 2 hours of CE credits

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Part 4- Mediastinal Lympho-vascular Terrain

Educational goals: This lecture will tie into the previous section of the cranial and cervical lymphatic terrain. The mediastinal lympho-vascular terrain is intrinsically connected to the health dynamics of the cranial sphere and will be presented as such. The anatomy and physiology of the mediastinal lympho-vascular terrain exposes the deeper lymphatics of the heart, pericardium, esophagus, trachea, lungs, and diaphragm. Pressure gradient and tensegrity imbalances are shown to influence the local and general terrain of the body. The deeper lymphatic structures, mucosal biofilms, and superficial lymphatics, all coalesce to form a terrain full of dynamic fluid flows and detoxification pathways. Hidden inflammation left over from decompensated lymphatic flow and inadequate detoxification leave the mediastinal region vulnerable to infections and degenerative conditions. Understanding the detoxification pathways and the role of correcting pressure gradient/tensegrity imbalances can restore optimal flow and tissue resiliency. Many chronic “itis” symptoms are rooted in the presence of hidden inflammation, the loss of axis for respective organs, and the loss of optimal shape and tone.  2 hours of CE credits

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Part 5-The Liver lympho-vascular Terrain

This presentation is part 5 of the lympho-vascular terrain series. The liver is the principal organ of the human body supporting metabolism, detoxification, immunity, and digestion. This material will present the liver as a functional and physiological “hub” for the entire lymphatic network. The liver qualifies as a type of metabolic sponge whose shape, position, tone, and level of availability is critical in managing pressure gradient imbalances, lymphokinesis, and homeostasis.The functional relationship of the liver to the diaphragm, stomach, and spleen can be limited due to tensegrity imbalances and/or adhesions of connective tissues. Many chronic health issues are rooted in the altered size or shape of the liver leading to lack of adaptability. One example covered will be from osteopath Frank Millard and his view of the “hibernating liver”, as well as connecting “frozen shoulder”, eczema, and gout to liver lympho-vascular terrain dysfunction.

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